Why People Fail Starting An Online Business

Why people fail
1. Give up – Getting started on anything you will encounter failure and obstacles. The key is not to give up and learn from it, it’s not an overnight thing where you make millions, it may take 1-6 months to start earning 10k a month. The more time you put in the more results you will see.
2. Half in –  Most people want to make money online but they are not fully in. Creating a passive income is not a 30-day trial, It’s not a “let me try”, you will have to look at is like you invested millions into your business. You can’t give up until the business makes money

3. Patience, effort, trial, and error – Many think that it only takes one try to become successful, which is not true. It will require trial and error.

A successful businessman or entrepreneur is the end result of not giving up, moving on, and learning from past mistakes and success. During my experience and teaching friends and family on internet marketing, the most common thing why people fail is that they do not take action and invest time and effort. You can’t just simply “try” this method and become rich, you will have to “do” the work and overcome obstacles.  “It’s like putting cookies in the oven, you can’t take them out until their done.”, same with this business model once you put in the time and effort you can’t give up until you make your passive income. What I found is that people who are rich(businessman) and middle-class citizens totally think differently. For example, if you ask a businessman how would he pay off their debt they would say open a new business and try to make it work. If you ask a middle-class citizen, they will simply say find a job and work to pay it off. You can see the big difference in mindset. You are what you know, surround yourself with people with the same intention that will push you to a better version of yourself.

All your life you’ve been conditioned to go to school, college, find a good 9 – 5 job and work for 30 years of your life just for a pension, and retire when you’re 65 years old wasting those young years regretting the things you’ve never done. Instead of staying “safe” and finding a “stable” job the key is to start your own business especially an online internet business as it is still growing every year. The reason why is because working from 9 – 5 have been passed down to generation to generation which is why it’s hard to break this, it only takes one generation to change the ways you look at things, you can be that generation.

20/80 – Pareto Principle

The 20/80 principle is the best method used to consume less time and get more done effectively. The term means that the 20% of action you take will result in the 80% outcome. Instead of wasting your time doing the things that do not benefit your business, we do the 20% that is most effective resulting in the 80% outcome. In this step by step, I will only provide the most effective ways to create and increase your passive income. I recommend the 4-hour work week book.

Fear Of Investing – Spend Money TO make money
Although affiliate marketing is a low investment to start up (under $20). Many people are afraid to invest money into something for them in the future. When I first started my first online e-commerce business the thing that was keeping me back was spending thousands on inventory. I decided to risk it and spend $8,000 on inventory, that was the best decision of my life, not only I made the money back, I also gain experience and learned a lot which is priceless.

Wake Up From The Matrix

After changing my ways of thinking and mindset, my view of this world changed. I see so many people who fall into the same cycle from generation to generation.

School > Job pay off debt > work 30 years of their lives to get a pension > Retired at 65.

Instead of working in this “matrix” for the hour in return for “money”. It’s time to wake up and see the possibilities we now have in this era because of the power of the internet.

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