Why Is Email Marketing So Important?

Email Marketing

Case Study : Email is the number 1 best and effective way to reach customers. Affiliate marketers are most likely using their email list to promote and make a passive income online.

EmailWebsite (Content / SEO)TV AdsPay-per clickDirect mail

Case Study : Email has $40 ROI (Return of   investment) per dollar spend. Email marketing works 20 x better than Banner Ads, and 2.4 x better than PPC (pay per click).

Email is the most important and most effective way to get traffic that converts, and out beats ANY paid advertisement and paid traffic.

Case Study:

An affiliate marketer whose revenue is $10.5 M, $9.8 M out of the $10.5 M came from email marketing which is 93.33%. Without email marketing, 93.33% of his revenue would not exist.

Benefits having an email list: Lifetime customer

Having an email will give you a lifetime customer. If the customer does not purchase your offer, well you have their email and you can retarget them again with a different offer, you will have an email list that will convert your affiliate’s offer making you sales. An average person takes 4-5 times to see or think about the product before purchasing. Instead of doing a one-time sale you will have returning customers, as repeat customers builds a real business. You can’t survive on one-time sale, you won’t last really long.

Sell your emails

When you have a big list of emails you can promote other people’s offers to your list and make money per email. An email is worth about $1 a month. You can find many networks to sell your emails I would recommend udami.com. When you build a big list you can sell 100 clicks for about $50-$100. sending emails to your list and getting paid for it is called SOLO ADS (we will get into in the next chapters)

EXAMPLE 1 : $1,200+ in value in the first 1st month with landing page/email.

Let’s say each email/subscriber you have is worth $1. 40% of your visitors opt in (subscribers) and you get 100 visitors a day.

Within a month you will get 3,000 visitors with 100 visitors a day.

With a 40% opt-in rate that is 1,200 emails which is $1,200 in value.

With your email list, you can promote other people’s offer that they are willing to pay on http://udimi.com/ and make a fortune.

EXAMPLE 2: Make money off your email List

Let’s say we’ve got a list of 5,000 emails and we send a promotion of the products with the price of $25

Let’s say the conversion rate is 1% of 5,000 emails = 50 subscribers bought the product

50 subscriber x $25 = $1,250 with just one simple email with only 1% conversion rate. Conversion can vary between 2-6%. The higher the conversion the more sales you will make.

A case study was reveal that sending out one email can make you $5,000 depending on the size of your email list. If you’re making $5,000 on your email list and you send out 3 emails a week and sell at least $5,000 a week that is $20,000 a month.

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