What Is Affiliate Marketing?

This is the best way to start a business it always has been and always will be. This works by other people having their own products and they are willing to pay you to refer them customers. The commission is really high you can say a $50 product will get you $75 back. You wonder why I get $75 back when I sold something for $50?. Well, first the reason why you get more back its because you gave your affiliate the sale and email. The email is really valuable as you can send them another offer if they did not make the first purchase (lifetime customer makes you more money than just one sale). If you’re doing that what is the point of having your own products? Some affiliate offers have recurring monthly payment, you don’t make money with just the initial sale you will be paid if your subscribers purchases monthly services. That one sale may create your passive income every month instead of just getting paid once. Here are some great Benefits:

  1. No inventory
  2. No customers
  3. No customer services/ support
  4. No Employees
  5. No headache
  6. You can do this from anywhere and anytime
  7. Lowest startup cost (Free – $10)
  8. Generates money while you’re asleep

Many people who start are afraid that the affiliate’s products will not sell, that is not the case. Most affiliates offer were tested and they are already proven to sell. I love selling physical products, but when it comes to physical products for any company like amazon the commission amount is way much lower. When you do an information product the commission can be 80-90% because it cost close to nothing to create.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam?

Many people think affiliate marketing is a scam. I understand that some people who had a bad experience but it’s definitely not a scam. The reason why people think is a scam because they can’t simply make money (I will show you in this book). And you will see affiliate marketer promoting courses that cost up to $10,000 on “how to make money online”, and I see why people see this as a scam. Look at it this way, instead of going to college/university and spend $40,000 and a possibility of not finding a job, you can purchase any course online and learn it. I promise you, you will make the money back and even $10,000 + A month. Time has changed and traditional jobs are old (9 – 5 jobs), the internet created jobs and opportunities that never existed in man’s history.

When I first started affiliate marketing I came across a landing page to download an ebook. Chances are you found my ebook is through a landing page. I always see those advertisement pop-ups “how to make $100,000 a month” I first thought wow that’s BS there is no way. As I dig deeper for a year I learned about affiliate marketing and how simple it was. There are courses that WORK but the barrier is that people think is a scam although most offers are 100% money back guarantee within 60 days. If you are the type of person who are scared that they will not get a refund, the company wouldn’t even be running for that long. These paid course what are worth $20,000 + I will be giving the method and knowledge away in the book for free

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs can be found anywhere on the internet, ranging from amazon, Hostgator, and any sales company. It is usually at the bottom of the page under the heading “affiliates”. The most common Affiliate network is used is clickbank.com as it is still the number 1 network connecting trusted vendors and Affiliate Marketers.

ClickBank.com / Affiliate Marketing

Click bank is a marketplace where it connects affiliates and vendors. The commission is really high about 80% because most vendor offer info-products (Information or a course). These info-products cost close to nothing to create, that is why the commission is really high. Another reason is that the vendors are willing to give you money for an email because a lifetime customers are really valuable. You do not have to deal with customers, shipping orders, or any services as when you make the sale you get paid and the vendor deals with the customer.  The vendor spent thousands of dollars and hours creating his product, testing it, hiring designers, paying for cost, delivering the orders. As an affiliate marketer all of the hard part is done, all you have to do is sell the product.

Set it and forget it

This business model is a “set it and forget it” model. You need to spend some time building this system (Sales funnel) at first, and once it’s up on the internet it will be up forever and it will only grow. Instead of working 8 hours every day you just need a few days to set this system up and it will pay you in the long run with a passive income, you need patience, and money will keep on coming in.

Passive VS Active income

Passive Income – Income that you get by doing “nothing.” An automated system is set up that will generate your income by literally doing nothing. Getting paid with no effort at all.

Active Income – Income only comes in when you do “work”. This type of income is not automated which requires work in order to get paid. (9 – 5 Job)

Online Business Brick and model ·        Automated ·        Open 24/7 ·        Work from anywhere ·        Time and location freedom ·        Passive income ·        Small startup cost ·        Future model of business ·        Stressful ·        Only local customers ·        Hours of operation ·        No free time or location freedom ·        Active income ·        Huge startup cost ·        Consistent work ·        Old business model

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