Waking Up to $600. While Sleeping. Shopify Dropshipping.

Hey guys! I’m back with a case study dropshipping on shopify.  Making money online is probably the easiest way with dropshipping. Many people think the hardest part is to make a sale/money online, which is not true at all. Making money and sales is the easiest part of an online business. The hardest part is improving your business and competing with other companies on a daily basis.


How Was I Able To Make $600 Just sleeping?

We live in a society of technology and digital information, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Would you rather make money while you sleep or work till you die? With the internet today, it provided us with so many opportunities, working a 9-5 job is not an effective way to generate income. I was able to make money by setting up an e-commerce shop with shopify and dropship products from china. This is the best way to start an online business with a low start-up cost.

  1. The first step is to take action and set up your shopify store
  2. Research Products that are selling
  3. Find your product to purchases (aliexpress.com)
  4. Buy Facebook advertisement to generate traffic (Hardest Part)
  5. Get paid and fulfil the order.
  6. Scale your business and hire a virtual assistant

I will be making a course for you guys on how to set up a shopify dropshipping store and scale your business. I will also be doing mentoring and coaching! Stay tuned!

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