Top 6 Ways To Increase Conversions on Shopify / Dropshipping From Aliexpress.

Increase Conversions on Shopify

Hey guys! It’s Kevin here! I know I’ve been on hiatus on my blog and YouTube channel! I do deeply apologize for not posting any new content. 2017 Has been the busiest year for me and my businesses. I will try my best to make time and start hiring to free up my time to focus on my blog and YouTube channel. Lets get to the point! I know a lot of people who asked me how can they increase their conversion. I have some tips, specially for the upcoming black Friday, cyber Monday, and Christmas ! Here are the top 6 things to do to increase your conversion

1. Trust

One of the most important part on increasing conversion is having trust. A few ways to add trust are security badges such as:

McAfee, SSL Secure, or Money back / Satisfaction Grantee Badges. I have tested this and I find that my conversion increases about 2 – 6 % having trust.

Here is an example of a trust badge that most store owner uses

2. Reviews (social Proof)

However, Reviews are also important as it provides social proof which results in the customer gaining trust. With reviews it shows that there are also other happy customer who purchased from you. With good reviews I find that it may increase your conversion up to 10%. There are many review apps on Shopify. If you want to import reviews from Ali express to shopify I would highly recommend Ali-review app

3. Urgency

On the other hand, Urgency also increases conversion. Many companies have used this method as a psychology to make you feel like you will be left out if you do not get it within the time given. Adding a timer to let your customer know that if you do not purchase within the time frame the sale or offer will be over. I find that urgency will increase conversion making them think that they will miss out on the opportunity for the deal/offer if they do not buy it. There are many Timer app on shopify you can find some here

4. Coupon Code

Coupon code also increase conversion! Most shopper will purchase if they are offered a discount code which gives them one of a the reason to buy from you.

5. Descriptions / HD Images

Having a good Description and HD images will give your potential customer more information as they can not see or feel the product.

6. Phone Number

A phone number will show that you have a great customer support. You do not need a phone number, but you do need a support email. If you want a phone number you can hire a phone support person, or forward your phone number to a voice mail, letting your customer how much you appreciate their purchase and let them know that you only offer email support.

In conclusion these are the top 6 ways to increase your conversion as I tested these on all of my stores and see about 5 – 10% higher conversion.

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