Must Have Shopify Apps Proven To Increase Conversions

Good morning guys, I hope you are doing well. After spending thousands on ads and inquiring data I found what is needed to increase conversions. I just want to share some valuable information on how to get more sales on shopify.

The main points that increases conversions are :

Social Proof – Give social proof that people actually have bought your items. Get a lot of engagements on your FB ad, install Notified App to show your recently purchased products making your site engaging and also shows them you have people already shopping.

Trust – Include trust badges to show your customer that your website is secured and protected when they enter their creditcard info. I would recommend using Mcafee App or Trust App. They are both free.

Urgency – Urgency also increases sales by giving them a limited time so they will have to think quick and at the moment. Get a countdown timer APP like Hurrify Countdown Timer
Retargeting – Also retargeting your existing customers with automated Email offers or retarget your facebook ads to people who have already added your products but didn’t purchases it. You can use the Retargeting App On shopify

Mobile Friendly / Simple & easy layout (theme) – Make sure your store is mobile friendly because most sales come from mobile devices. Also, make your store simple and clean so it will improve the issue experience, all you need are the free themes, and once you get a lot of sales then you can worry about how your store looks and improving the design.

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