Is A Scam? How To Find Trusted Sellers.

Many reviews for DHgate will most likely have a bad rating. I do not know why it has such a bad rating, I’ve been using dhgate for a while as my main drop shipping platform. Dhgate is like eBay but for businesses in china, just like ebay you can also get scammed if you do not know who to look for. A lot of reviews That I’ve seen states that they never received an item or it’s a knock off. If you are going to use DHGATE most likely the products are knockoffs. It is your responsibility to research the seller before you make any purchases Things you want to look for is the badge on the seller’s profile.

Things you want to look for in a seller :

  1. Contain a badge on their profile, either Top Merchant or Premium Merchant (This shows that Dhgate rewarded trusted and reliable sellers). Look at the overall transactions showing you how much sales they have done (recommend at least 100 transaction). The positive feedback should be at least 99.0% and also depend on other factors.
  1. Look at the product reviews (At least 3.5+ Stars)
  2. Also, look at the number of transaction on the product
  3. Contact the seller before purchasing asking them questions. (ask them a lot of questions if you are concerned)

DHgate also has a protection system once you made the payment dhagte holds your funds until your order reaches you and you will have to confirm it, then dhagte will release the payment to the seller.

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