Important Things To Monitor While Running Automated Affiliate Sales Funnel

Once the sales funnel is set up, sit back, send traffic and wait for results and statistics. You MUST monitor the following in order to maintain a passive income:

CPC – Click per cost, for paid traffic constantly check the cost of per click and how much of that clicks is converting,

EPC – Earning per click, monitor earning per click was paid for, are you spending more money on ads/traffic than the return on investment? If so, start using another traffic source or change the targeted keywords, audiences, and interest.

Conversion – Rate in % of people opting in or purchases. look at the conversion rate as it’s the most important. Monitor how many viewers and how many of them actually opt in or made purchases. typically, a conversion rate of 2%-5% is recommended to start earning a passive income with a big list

(#of optins/# total # of traffic)x 100 = Conversion rate (2%+)

Traffic Source – Track the source of traffic to see which source convert the best. so you don’t waste money on paid traffic that is not converting. There are many tools you can use like google analytics.

Track ROI (return on investment) – Use google analytics to track the return on investment

Track statistic – Monitor the percentage of email opened because it shows the quality of subscribers in your email list. An open email rate of 35%+ is recommended.

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