How To Use Facebook Pixel Tracking For Ads (Shopify)

Facebook Pixel tracking is the most important tool to convert sales on facebook. The pixel is a code that is placed on your website, once someone sees your ad and clicks on it, it till be tracked. Certain pages may be tracked to retarget and convert sales. For example, you can track the add to cart page, when someone adds something to the cart and they didn’t buy anything you can retarget the same person. This is a powerful tool and the correct way to use facebook advertisement.

Create a custom pixel in the facebook ad manager page. Post the pixel code into the header of your shopify store or website, anyone who visits your website/store through facebook ads it will be tracked as your custom audience. Other pages may be tracked by clicking the “create conversion” on the pixel page and select “Track Conversion With Standard Events”. These codes are placed in certain pages that you want to track. Please watch the video tutorial above for a  step-by-step guide. You can create a new campaign and retarget certain audiences of your choice instead of targeting a broad interest. Although you know that when people add a product to their cart they have considered to buy it, all you have to do is retarget those people reminding them who you are (store or company) and make the sale. Remember that you won’t always make the sale the first time, on average it takes 4-7 times for someone to decide if they want to purchase. I hope this video helps and if you have any questions please leave a comment below! I will try to answer all questions!

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