How To Use Click Bank (Affiliate Marketing)

Before you find a product look for a niche. I can tell you that 80% of sales comes from:

  • How To Make Money Online
  • Health & Fitness
  • Relationship

If you are stuck at this part, I would recommend this book with useful and valuable content to help you find the right money making niche for you.

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“You want to get into Internet Marketing and make some money online – right? But you don’t know of anything that you know enough about to sell to people – right? Ok, I’m here to show you how easy it can be. Don’t get lost trying to choose a niche for your Internet Marketing career. Here are Three Easy Ways to choose a great niche that will keep you going profitably for years to come.”

If you would like to promote health and fitness I would look deeper like promoting a certain diet plan. Browse through Clickbank and browse whatever category that matches your niche. As you can tell my niche is “How To Make Money Online”. Find a series of offers (1-5 offers) that you think your subscribers would purchase to solve their problems on whatever niche you’re doing. The guide is on the next page.

How to use ClickBank

  1. Sign up for an account (It’s free) Visit
  2. Create your account, enter all your information required.
  3. On the left-hand side, you will find a list of categories that you can promote. Pick your niche or anything that is related to your niche
  4.  Once you found your category you can filter the search to anything you wish.
  5. Once you found an offer you would click the promote button
  6. A window should pop up giving you your affiliate’s link. If someone makes a purchase with that link you will get a commission.
  7. Look at the stats before you pick an offer, make sure the payout is good.


Initial $/sale: This is how much you would first make if you made a sale

Avg %/sale: The percent of commission per sale

Avg Rebill Total: This shows that if the product you offer is a subscription. Every month you will get paid per 1 customers who decide to make the monthly purchase. If you want to make a lot of money I would RECOMMEND finding a product that will have monthly payments, so one sale will get you monthly commission

Avg %/rebill: Shows the percentage of customers who made the monthly payment

Grav: You want something over 20+ showing that there is competition meaning that affiliate marketers are making money off the product which proves that it will convert sales.

“Gravity gives you an idea of the “number” of affiliates who successfully made a sale in the last 3 months. It does not depict the actual number of product sales. If you make a sale today, you contribute 1 gravity to a product and then it will go slowly to 0 in 12 weeks. You can only give at most 1 gravity to one product.”

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  • Full access to product performance graphs, stats and ranking histories
  • Bookmark System – manage products you’re currently promoting or interested in
  • Custom Search Results (choose what you want to see)
  • ClickBank Affiliate Insider – recommendation system for hot products
  • ClickBank Nickname Manager – with 1-click login to
  • Find Products w/ Advanced Search Features
  • ClickBank Adsense Style Ads for your website
  • ClickBank Storefront 2.0 (php script for your website)

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