How To SEO Youtube Videos (Keywords & Tags)

SEO Youtube Videos. I’ve recently made a video on youtube on how you can SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and rank up your videos giving you a lot of views. Here are some key factors you want to keep in mind when making a youtube video.

  1. Make sure the video is helpful and valuable in a way
  2. Create your video based on a popular trend
  3. The age of your channel

The first thing you would do is add keywords in your title, description, and tags. To find keywords I recommend using Google adword Key Planner. This tool lets you search up your niche and gives you all related words that people actually search on google, it also shows you statistics on how many search it gets a month and the volume. Type your niche in the search for keywords and look for words that has a high volume that is related to your niche.  Watch the video I’ve provided above.

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