How To Drop Ship On eBay. Dropshipping Ebay Step-by-step

Hello guys! I will show you how to drop ship exact step by step in the video.  Dropshipping is one of the best way to start earning money online as the results are quick. Anyone can do it! even your grandma! This is a small presentation that I’ve shown how you can make money online on ebay. I have just made my ebay account last month to demonstrate that I generated $560 in sales within 30 days. I haven’t done much but spend 2 hours finding products and posting them on ebay, 1 month later I’ve made $500+.

The first step is to take action and researching the products that you want to sell. You can use amazon’ best sellers to find what is hot and popular. Also, use watchcount to see if the item is selling and the volume of sales. This is the hardest part, finding a niche product.

Once you’ve found your product you would look for it on aliexpress or dhgate. Beware of scammers, before purchasing LOOK at their profile feedbacks and reviews, most importantly message your seller before buying. Make a connection with them. Make sure you only purchase items that are being shipped with EMS epacket (5-515 days), other channels will take about 30 days which is really long and you do not want that.

Now you have some products to sell, it’s time to post them on ebay which is really easy. Let your customers know that it may take 1 -4 weeks to arrive and it is being shipped from overseas.

Now wait for sales or post more products. If you are new on ebay you will have a selling limit, you can call ebay and ask them to increase your limits or make multiple accounts which I do not recommend. Post a new item up at least once a day and you will see sales coming in!

Watch the video above on my presentation step-by-step from start to finished on how to drop ship on ebay. If you have any questions please leave them below!

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