How To Drive Traffic To Landing Page

Driving traffic/visitors is the most important part as it generates you sales and conversion. There are many types of traffic you can get: free and paid traffic. You can get paid traffic like facebook ads, google ads, bing ads, yahoo ads, or any paid traffic. Free traffic can be found everywhere such as social media, comment on a blog, free social media marketing, and so many ways. Drive traffic right to your landing page domain link you’ve created with getresponse in the previous step.

The main difference between paid and free traffic is the effort. Free traffic requires work and consistency daily which will take the time to grow traffic. It is slow because you are trying to make internet users find YOU, instead of you using paid traffic where you are finding them with advertisements. On the other hand, paid traffic brings leads and conversion faster rather than waiting for your free traffic to grow.

Paid Traffic

ALWAYS check and know your return on investment. If you have paid for traffic constantly monitor the visitors, CPV (Cost Per View), EPC (earning per click) , CPA (Click Per Acquisition) & conversion rate. Facebook will target your ads to people who are interested in your product and you can use their retargeting features which the ad will follow wherever they go depending on which page you tracked.

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SOLO ADS (Best Source Of Paid Traffic)

Like I said before email marketing is the number 1 and best way to generate leads. If you do not have a list, you can pay someone that who has a list to promote your product or build your email list.

Solo ads are the best way to pay for traffic, it’s better than facebook ads and other pay per click services. Like a said before Email marketing is the most effective way to convert sales. Solo ads are pretty much-paying people who already have an email list to send your promotion out. This is a perfect way to get sales and emails. The best network to sell to buy solo ads is and I would highly recommend using to purchase your solo ads

I also recommend “supercharged solo ads” over at Great solo ads (Click here)  only $7 as it provides with quality traffic with the lowest cost.

NEVER spend money on traffic that does not convert this will kill your wallet or you must be crazy. If you spend $400 on traffic and you get no results, you shouldn’t even pay $400 in the first place, if 400 clicks you get do not convert, it’s not like it’s going to convert with the next 400 clicks. I would recommend spending a small amount on traffic and track your results (under $50) if you are getting a high conversion rate than no means spend more on the traffic. Track your results: CPA, ROI, EPC, CPA & Conversion rate to determine if your paid traffic is effective. (The definition on is page 54)

Free Traffic

Blogs/Websites and comutiry

Join blogs and forums keep active by answering questions and comments. Yahoo answers are always a great way to promote your landing page for free, you just need to answer a few questions on yahoo on your niche leaving a link. Look at the screen shot below, the person answered the question and also added his affiliate’s to make sales, most likely people who are in interested will click it.

You can do the same thing on blogs, forums, or any platform that connects users based on your niche.  You can do the same thing with blogs, you will have to use keywords to rank up your blog on google and search engines. Use google adword’s key planner tools, which gives you all of the related terms to your niche that people search so they can find you easier on the search engine. Please visit our website if you would like a video guide and more information on google Adwords (


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SocIAl media

Social media is another great way to get free leads and traffic. You can make a YouTube video providing value (a helpful How-to video) with your link in the description. You can get high conversion by posting helpful or valuable videos like how-to and guides.

example. You are promoting Hostgator’s hosting service. You would make a youtube video on how to set up a website and put your affiliate link in the description, chances are the people who watch your videos would like to know how to create a site, and when they buy hosting you get a commission every month just for one customer.

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For all social media like (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) you can create a profile to page based on your niche. You want to search any pages that are related to your niche and start following/liking their followers. Chances are their followers are interested in your niche, once you follow them they will get a notification that someone has followed them, they will most likely check out your profile with your link to your sales funnel.

Like and share post, images, and information also use Hashtags. The free traffic is really time-consuming if you do not want to purchase traffic. You will have to do this daily for about 20 mins following pages/people, liking a post, and post something of your own content (blog) at least once a day.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization )

You can set up your own blog dedicated to your niche. Write new content related to your niche at least once a day. You would use google adwords’ key planner tool to look up keywords on your niche. This is pretty much “content marketing”, providing content to drive sales.

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