How To Create A landing Page (Squeeze page) Getrespose To Collect Emails (Affiliate Marketing)

In your lifetime, you probably stumbled upon a landing page that popped up and a video playing and you hear “how I make $1,000 a day” enter your email now for free access. Let me tell you that those landing pages work although it looks a little sketchy. There are people who make $100,000+ per landing page and the best thing is that they have more landing pages which take about 30 mins to create.


Always send traffic to YOUR landing page and capture their email instead of giving your affiliate the sale and lifetime customer (email). If you do not collect emails and rely on paid ad campaigns for your affiliate’s link, I am not saying it’s a bad method but what happens when you get kick off facebook ads, google, and other paid traffic services you will pretty much lose your income from thousands to ZERO. And you also lose your subscribers because you are not collecting their emails but instead you’re giving it to your affiliate. If you had their emails and you were kicked off, you still can make sales or a new website just by clicking one button emailing your list. A real business builds on repeat customers, not one sale. Email marketing is a powerful and effective method. Like I said before Email marketing the most effective type of advertisement to reach your subscribers. Here are some flaws of promoting your affiliate’s link instead of capturing their email first:

  • Google, facebook, or any paid traffic source may kick you off. (chances of losing your source of income from thousands to zero in one second)
  • The lifetime customers are not yours.
  • The offer may be taken down
  • Changes the commission

Create a free product (Ebook) On your Niche

Many affiliate marketers with a landing page do not give anything in value in exchange for their emails, this is a big mistake. Some landing pages only include “Sign Up Now” which lowers the conversion rate. You want to offer something in value in exchange for their emails. For example, you can give away a free book, video, free trials, free report, or anything that would engage the person to give you their email. With an offer of value in exchange for their email is a MUST to convert traffic. You can easily create an ebook or report just by copying data and complying into a book. (Make sure the content is not copyrighted or provide a link to your resources.)

Things you need on your landing page.

Make sure there is no distraction on the page, get to the point. Offer a free book or something of value that will make them give you their email. Keep the landing page nice and simple. After they submitted their emails send them to your page with a Onetime offer monetizing the thank you page, instead having a useless thank you page

However, this guide does not require you to create a website. All you need is Getresponse

  1. sign up and under “landing pages” select “create” CLICK HERE
  2. Choose your template for your landing page
  3. Customize your landing page to your likings. Offer your free product and include the main bullets that you will provide after they give you their email. For example, “We will email you our free ebook, enter your email here”. Play around with the design and test what works for you. Also, add the main benefits of your free offer
  4. Fill in the information needed: the title and domain name. (make sure your “choose campaign” section is connected to your auto responder email campaign. You may want to skip to the next step to creates an autoresponder and come back to this step) (Page 42)
  5. Congratulation! Now you have a landing page up and running.

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