Facebook Ads Data Analysis For Shopify.

Hey guys! I haven’t posted any content lately, I’ve been dealing with some personal issues.

I had a lot of request from our members to do a video on facebook scaling and data analysis. Most people who start doing facebook ads are having trouble looking at the data weather not to kill them or let it run.

I’ve been doing facebook ads for about 6 months now and I’ve lost thousands at first. After trial and error and also learning from one of the best ad copywriter/ scaling technique.

Let’s start! The first thing before even purchasing ads you will need to know your targeted audience. This is where people have trouble with targeting. You can watch my basic video on how to find targeting below.

In order to have a successful ad, you will have to know if it has the potential based on the data collected. You do not need to spend a lot to test if the product/targeting has a potential to win. Most people just do not know when to kill the ad, they will let it keep running thinking that it will take a few more days to optimize.

The main data you want to look at (Website Conversion/PPE):

  • CPC (link) = This shows how much it will cost per link click. You want this number to be low as possible. Usually, my winning ads have a CPC of $0.10-$0.50 CPC. If you are getting a lot of cheap link clicks but no purchases, this may show that there is something wrong with your product page like price, images, trust, and etc.
  • CPM – This shows how much it will cost to show your ad to 1000 people. You want this to be lower than $5 which show that your ad is showing to more people because facebook found the right audience for cheap CPM. Usually, some of my winning products only cost $0.50-$2.00 CPM. If the CPM is way too high over $10 after 3-4 days to optimize, you may want to kill it and test another.
  • Cost Per Purchase – This show how much it will cost you to spend on your ad to get a purchase. If you are spending way too much per purchase than the product, kill the ad especially if it’s a WC. You want to do the math it would be : Selling price – Cost of product – Cost Per Purchase = Total Profit.
  • CTR % (Link) – You want your CTR to be at least 1% – 10%
  • Frequency – Shows how many times the same person viewed your ad. Usually, a frequency below 2 is ok.
  • Impression – This shows how many people your ad has been shown to. If you have a lot of impressions but no clicks, this indicates that your targeting is off.
  • Purchase Pixel – This tracks how many times someone made a purchase after clicking on your ad.
  • Add to Cart Pixel – This tracks how many times someone adds to cart after clicking on your ad. If you are having a lot of add to cart but no purchase, this indicates that there may be something wrong after adding to cart like the price, shipping price, payment method.

I hope this information helped. I am back to making new content and my drop shipping course soon! Stay tuned!

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