Building An Email List The Proper Way

Building an Email list the proper way

  1. Offer a free product or value in exchange for their emails (Landing Page)
  2. Drive targeted traffic to your landing page (SOLO ADS Or Facebook ads, google ads, yahoo ads, bing ads) or free content traffic
  3. After They Enter Their email send them to a one-time offer page (Clickbank offer)
  4. Build an effective email sequence (Guide in the next chapters)
  5. Send automated emails and offers to create a money making machine

Main metrics to be taken into account to generate passive income

  1. Email list size.
  2. Price and value of the product.
  3. Conversion rate and traffic

With a bigger list, you can make much more. This is how Internet marketers make easy millions online. The conversion rate is the most important factor as it provides you with a quality list which equals to more sales. The number one factor why I see my clients or my students not getting sales is because of the conversion rate.

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