5 Ways To Scale Winning Facebook Ads

How To Scale Facebook ads may be hard! Scaling winners can also be tricky. You may have a few winners and when you try to scale it, it completely messes up? Don’t worry it also happens to me from time to time! I have a few ways to scale your ads and remember you will have to test EVERYTHING. Everyone’s ads account, niche and ad copy may affect their results which is why you will have to test all of these methods. It may work for some people but some will not! Here are a few ways that I use to scale my ads to the moon!

1 . Duplicating

Duplicating your winners and increase the budget is one of the ways to scale your winners. This method may work for some or not. Many people use this method because they do not want to mess up their winning ads. This method I would split test it with different budgets. For example you would like 4 adsets with different budget :

1 . $5 Budget

2 . $10 Budget

3 . $20 Budget

4 . $30 Budget

Let your ads run for at least 1 – 3 days. Look at your data to see which is performing better with the cheapest cost per purchase, turn off the losing adset.

I would use duplication method with a higher budget first, if you are getting bad results than close it and try increasing the budget slowly on the winning adset by 20%-50% daily or every 2-3 days.

2 . Increase Budget

Increasing the budget slowly is probably one of the safest ways to scale up your winners. Remember you do not want to scale it fast or your ads will reset and mess up. Instead of scaling it fast like going from $5 to $50 is a no-go. The reason because, if you increase your budget really fast it will tell facebook that you have bigger budget and will try to spend as much as possible, which results in messing up your currently data. You want to only increase in small increments like 20% a day. If your budget is only $5/day 20% of that is $1 which is really slow, for small budgets you can go up to 50%. Also, once you change anything like the budget don’t touch it for 24 hours. Only make changes after your ads have been running for at least 24 hours.

3 . LLA (Look a like Audience)

Look-a-like audience is one of the best ways to scale your ads. Before making LLA audience you will need at least 250 – 500 conversion tracked. For example, if you want to make a LLA for purchases, make sure you have at least 250 purchases tracked inorder for Facebook to find more look a like audience. To test LLA, you would have to test LLA for view content, add to cart, purchases of 1%, 2% and 3%. For LLA you will have to test all of these fields, you will be spending quite a bit of money when testing LLA

4 . Scale Out

Scaling out is one of the ways to scale your ads. Scaling out is when you target different audience based on similar interest on your current winning audience. To research for similar interest audience, you will have to use Facebook Audience Insight. On the Audience insight page you would enter all of your current winning interest, on the page likes section it will show you other interest that are related to your current ones. You want to test the interest with a high affinity, the higher the affinity which shows that the interest is related to your current interest chosen.

5 . MB (Manuel bidding)

Manuel bidding is one of the most popular method in scaling. Manuel bidding can also be tricky at times as sometimes your adset will over spend or under spend. This method, you’re pretty much telling facebook how much you are willing to pay for the objective conversion. In MB you will only be charged if facebook gives you the conversion. Compared to Auto bid, Auto bid will spend your money based on your budget no matter what, it will try to spend it all in one day. On the other hand, MB will only charge you when you get the conversion. Manuel bidding is more competitive as there are other advertisers who may have higher budget than you which results in not showing your ads.

However, you want to test different bids and budget when you are doing Manuel bidding. For example, you may have 4 different adsets with different bids

1 . $5 Bid with $200 budget

2 . $10 Bid with $200 Budget

3 . $20 Bid with $200 Budget

4 . $30 Bid with $200 Budget

You would test these and look at the data to see which one is getting you the cheapest cost per purchase. You would close the ones with bad ROI (return of investment)

In conclusion these are the top 5 ways to scale your ads. There may be other ways to scale your ads but as for now these are my top 5 ways! If you have another method please leave a comment below and share with the community!

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