$20,000 USD Month Shopify Dropshipping

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Sorry for not posting lately! Like I said before I am really busy during Q4! do not worry I will be writing more content and releasing a free course for Shopify dropshipping!

Shopify Dropshipping

This is like a monthly report with my new store that I’ve built 3 months back (July). First $20k month on my new store! well, almost! My goal for October was to push out 20k in revenue! although I didn’t achieve it, but my November goal will be $30k!

I just want to give a few tips on how I was able to generate almost $20k months!

TIP  1 : keeping testing products, build a general store and test, test, test! I know that testing niches will require a lot of facebook advertising money which is why people give up soo early. Just remember spending money on ads will provide you with data. When I first started this new store I’ve spent $2-3k just testing product, that seems a lot that I’ve lost, but once you find the winner it will pay off 10x.

TIP 2 : Scaling ads is one of the most important part in scaling your business. There are many ways in doing this. What I did was start off with PPE (Post Page engagement) to collect social proof (Likes, comment, & shares) and make sure there are people engaging which indicates that it may be a possible winner. Let the PPE run at $5-10/day for 3-4 days and collect data. If you are getting high engagements for low cost or sales, I would keep it running. If you are getting high cost and low engagement I would pause the ad and test another interest. When you have the winning PPE that makes you a few sales. Create a Website conversion for Add to cart, purchases, and view content targeting the audience from the winning PPE. Let the WC run for $5-10 for 3-5 days and increase the budget every 3 days by 20% if you are getting a positive ROI. Once you make about 30+ purchases with that WC, create a look a like audience and set it for $5-10/day for 3-5 days. If you are getting sales increase the budget by 20% every 2-3 days.

TIP 3 : Always retarget your facebook ads. Most customer will not buy the first time, but after seeing your ad 3-7 times they may make the purchase.

TIP 4 : Email marketing. Email marketing is also one of the important ways to increase your sales. You can install any app on Shopify that supports email marketing. This will send out cart recovery, follow-up, upsell, and much more features.

TIP 5 : Keep learning and keep moving. Never give up, you only fail when you give up.

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